Club Penguin Cheats

June 28, 2009

Hey guys This Is Lovemyparent Club Penguin Cheats Here!

And Today we Are going to give you The new pin Heres the new pin. The new pin is in the light house by the stair case. where rockhoppers picture is. well anyways i hope you will like it. im trying to improve on this thing.

anyways bye!


Hello world!

May 21, 2009

Hey guys Im Going to give you The Latest Cheats on Club penguin. Anyways Check out my Website, im just working on it. its kind of hard but still, i hope you will like it! anyways Heres the New Pin! Click the link for more info. i cant put pictures on my , you know. Here it is. Well Click it and you will know where it is. Please Suscribe on my Channel.well bye bye. Here Next about my other stff another time.